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Wildebeest Migration

Wildebeest Migration Safari

Wildebeest migration occurs throughout the year constantly seeking fresh grazing and water. The precise timing of wildebeest migration is entirely depending upon the rainfall each year. Late November to December the herds arrive on the short grass plains of south Serengeti Ndutu, and northern ngorongoro dispersed across the plains stay there through January, February and march most wildebeest calves born in a short window around February.

April they start their great migration heading to the north. By may the herds move to north to seek grazing and water, moru kopjes and west seronera June they move south side of Grumet River they congregate in the western corridor form massive group before crossing the river they present an annual feast for the grumet river’s large crocodile crossing might start from this month. July to august moving northwards around grumet reserve and ikorongo other through the heart of Serengeti.

By September the herds move across the northern where Mara river provides the migration with its obstacles time to watch frantic thousands of wildebeest crossing Mara river, can be very spectacular, they can be so confused and cross one day and back south few days later.

By October the herds heading south through western loliondo and Serengeti lobo to green shoots which follow the rains in the short grass plains of southern Serengeti. Tanzania safari dream we are getting day by day updates for migrations this insure you that Tanzania safari dream can take you away and enjoying awesome trip of life time. The itineraries can be designed according to the time of year just send us email we will design the best just for you.

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